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Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600
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Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600

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SKU: DB600
Weight: 7 kg, 200 grams
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Manufacturer: Khind
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Double boil is an ancient cooking method to ensure food are being cooked not exceeding 100°C to preserve its nutrients, flavours & texture. Now you can cook the traditional way too thanks to the Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600.

No Poisoning
The Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600 cooks healthy food faster and better than other boilers while the food cooked retains original taste and flavour. This boiler can use also be used to cook a wide variety of food including rice, tendon, soup, chocolate, sauces and custard. Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB600 also comes with 1+3 ceramic pots which are completely free of lead and cadmium poisoning.

Multi Pre-Set Menus
The Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600 comes with a variety of multi pre-set menus that can be re-programmed to your preference. Meanwhile the delay start timer and the accurate double boiling time allow you to have convenience at your fingertips. The whole process is automated – the boiler goes to keep warm feature right after cooking.

One of a Khind
Khind is a brand synonymous with value-for-money home consumer appliances and since its inception, Khind has always sought to be at the forefront of bringing great innovative products and ideas to consumers. From its popular ‘Anshin’ series of rice cookers; to Aedes Busters; to EyeCare range of desk lamps; and to its ‘Black Beauty’ dual rotating ceiling fans – Khind has brought much joy and happiness to many consumers around the country.

Specifications of Khind Anshin Double Boiler DB 600 White

What's in the box:
  • 1 x Top lid
  • 1 x Large pot lid
  • 1 x Stream tray
  • 1 x Large pot lid
  • 1 x Steam tray
  • 1 x Large pot
  • 1 x Outer pot
  • 3 x Mini pot lids
  • 3 x Mini pots
  • 1 x Mini pot tray
General Features:
Model DB 600
Size (L x W x H) 32.3 x 32.3 x 47.2
Weight 7.20
Capacity (GB) 3
Uses & Properties Cooks healthy food faster and better
Cooks a wide variety of food
Multi pre-set menus
Delay-start timer
Fully automated process
Accurate double boiling time
Full plastic body for maximum safety
Voltage 220-240V
Warranty period 2 Years
Warranty type Local Manufacturer Warranty


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