American or French style? Smart or classic? There are endless options available – and a few things you’ll need to consider – when buying a fridge freezer. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive refrigerator guide, to help you choose a fridge that’s perfect for you and your family.

Consider the room you have
Think about the space that’s available in your kitchen (or wherever you plan to store your fridge freezer); you’ll also need to come up with a budget, and remember to factor in the running costs.

Consider the space you need
When it comes to fridge capacity, you should be realistic; seriously think about how much food your fridge needs to hold, to fulfil the requirements of your entire household.

Integrated vs. Freestanding

You may have come across the terms ‘integrated’ and ‘freestanding.’ Integrated (or built-in) fridge freezers are hidden away behind a kitchen cabinet door; freestanding fridges are separate, stand-alone appliances.

Blend in or stand out?
Integrated fridge freezers are hidden by cupboard doors, meaning they can seamlessly blend into your kitchen design. However, if you opt for a freestanding fridge freezer, it’s important to consider how it looks, as it’s going to be a focal point in your kitchen and needs to fit in, without being fitted.

Freedom to move
Built-in appliances are often left behind when people relocate, as they’re more challenging to re-fit into a new space. Freestanding units can be installed pretty much anywhere near a plug socket. What’s more, they’re easy to move, so you can take them with you, if you relocate.

Fitting your budget
Due to the additional installation costs, integrated fridge freezers tend to be more expensive, so you need to consider your budget before opting for a built-in refrigerator.

Built-in Samsung refrigerator in silver with blue LED lighting.

Refrigerator Types

It’s important that you understand the different features of each type of refrigerator, so you can make an informed decision.

Samsung American style fridge freezer in dark grey with water dispenser.

American style fridge freezers

American style refrigerators feature a set of double doors that open from the middle outwards; they don’t have one single hinged door, like traditional models. Generally, these are the largest fridges with the most space – some models having a net capacity of over 600 litres – making them ideal for larger families.VIEW ALL

Samsung silver French style fridge freezer. Multi door large refrigerator by Samsung.

French Style Fridge Freezers

French style or French door fridge freezers (sometimes called multi-door refrigerators) are large capacity units with three or four doors. They have a contemporary design, meaning they generally suit more modern kitchens and larger families. That said, French door refrigerators are also available in more slimline designs, for people with limited space.VIEW ALL

Samsung classic combi fridge freezer in silver with blue LED lights.

Classic fridge freezers

Classic fridge freezers have a fridge section at the top and a separate freezer compartment underneath. Combi fridge freezers, like these, are a great space-saving option for smaller homes.VIEW ALL

Samsung smart fridge. Family Hub refrigerator in silver with built-in screen.

Smart fridge freezers

Smart fridges – like the Samsung Family Hub™ range – don’t just keep food fresh, they have extra features ranging from troubleshooting technology to entertainment and shared shopping lists.* Some Samsung fridges also come with an internal camera, so you can view the contents of your fridge remotely and even do your shopping at home, using the Family Hub™ touchscreen*.VIEW ALL*Requires SmartThings App available on Android and iOS. An internet connection is required.

Samsung one door fridges and freezers. One door fridge in silver with water dispenser.

One-door fridges and freezers

One-door fridges , a.k.a. larder fridges, don’t have a freezer compartment inside, so you’ll need a separate one-door freezer if you need to freeze food too. These tall, single-door units offer plenty of storage space for food, making them suitable for big families or those who enjoy cooking in batches.VIEW ALL

Features to look out for

Aside from the type of fridge freezer you need, it’s also important to think about whether you may find any additional features useful. Here are some of the most common extras on offer.

Modern family kitchen designed with silver Samsung French style fridge.

Child Locks

Child locks prevent little ones from pressing buttons and changing your fridge settings.


There’s no need to defrost a frost-free fridge, and frost-free freezers don’t allow ice crystals to form on frozen food, which can affect its taste and texture. All Samsung refrigerators come with frost-free technology (or Total No Frost), maintaining an even temperature to prevent frost build-up.

Flexible storage systems

Modern fridge freezers come with flexible storage systems, allowing you to easily change the internal layout of your fridge based on your needs. For example, Samsung’s Adjustable Door Bins mean you can alter their position, so they can hold cans, cartons and bottles, as required.

Transparent drawers and glass shelves

Transparent drawers make it easy to see where food is stored, and glass shelving prevents liquids – like sauces, oils or meat juices – from leaking onto the food below. These shelves are easier to clean too, hence they have largely replaced traditional wire shelving.

Water and ice dispensers

For cold water and ice on tap, choose a refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser. If you want unlimited cold water and ice, your fridge needs to be plumbed in; if your appliance isn’t close to a water supply, you’ll need to buy a non-plumbed fridge freezer. Samsung offer both plumbed and non-plumbed fridges with water and ice dispensers built in.

Holiday Mode

Putting your refrigerator into holiday mode when you go away will reduce energy consumption, by shutting off the fridge function but still allowing the freezer to remain active.

Door alarms

These sound if your fridge door is left open for too long, so food stays fresh and energy isn’t wasted.

Twin cooling systems

Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus™ system helps keep food fresh for longer.Twin Cooling fridges contain two evaporators that manage the fridge and freezer space separately, which minimises temperature fluctuations and prevents odours from spreading between the units.

Reversible doors

Some fridges have reversible doors, meaning you can choose which side of the door opens. This is especially useful if you’re replacing a fridge, but not having your kitchen re-fitted, because you’re less likely to have issues with the door swinging into cupboards or appliances.

Rapid cool/rapid freeze

Rapid cool or freeze functions – called Power Cool and Power Freeze on Samsung fridges – allow you to quickly lower the temperature of your fridge or freezer. This is useful when stocking them with food, as they can quickly lose cool air, and frozen foods often start to defrost after purchase. Rapid cool and freeze settings restore cool temperatures, so food doesn’t spoil.

LED lighting

LED lighting is more durable and energy-efficient than traditional fridge lights. They evenly illuminate the inside of your fridge, making it easier to spot foods that are stashed at the back!Next

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Understanding fridge capacity

Fridge capacity is shown in litres, and is used to explain how much a fridge can hold at once; the larger the capacity, the more storage space it has.

You’ll come across two terms when shopping for fridge freezers: gross and net capacity. Gross capacity refers to the total volume inside the fridge, while net capacity is the storage space you can use, once things like shelving have been factored in.

Some Samsung models come with SpaceMax™ technology, where the fridge walls are thinner. This increases the fridge’s internal capacity, without affecting its external dimensions or performance.

Fridge dimensions and measuring advice

Fridge freezer sizes vary by model. Always check a refrigerator is going to fit the space that’s available by measuring carefully.

• Measure the width and depth of the area where you’re planning to put the fridge. If you need it to fit beneath a counter, or if you have a low ceiling, be sure to measure the height as well.

• Always remember to factor in ventilation space to make sure your fridge doesn’t overheat once installed.

American style fridge freezer dimensions.

Energy efficiency

Refrigerators, like other white goods, are rated according to their energy efficiency. The EU energy label rates products from A to G, with the best rating for fridge freezers being A. Since 1st March 2021, these new energy labels will display not only energy efficiency consumption, but also include other elements in line with improving overall sustainability. With improved insulation and temperature control, modern fridges tend to be more energy efficient.

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Samsung refrigerators energy saving, save money, protect the plant features.

How long does a refrigerator last?

With regular cleaning and good maintenance, refrigerators can last up to a decade. If your appliance is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. The energy you save should eventually cover the cost of buying a new fridge freezer. 11 Source: Date not available.

Installing a fridge freezer

Freestanding refrigerators are easy to install; you just plug them in! However, integrated types should always be installed by a professional.

Once your new fridge has arrived, you should leave it to rest for 3 hours before plugging it in and switching it on. You’ll also need to let the fridge stabilise overnight before loading it with food.2 It’s always worth giving a new fridge a quick wipe down before you use them as well.

Any installation concerns you have should be covered in the user manual.

Cleaning a fridge

Cleaning a fridge is considered simple maintenance. It’s a quick and easy way to get rid of any bacteria and prevent contamination between different products.

Dark grey Samsung American style refrigerator.

How to clean a fridge

  • Liquids are easier to clean before they’ve dried onto a surface, so wipe them up quickly to make cleaning them up easier.
  • Ideally, you should give your refrigerator a thorough clean every month. Using a damp, soapy cloth, wipe down the shelves and interior of your fridge, before patting it dry with a tea towel. Remove shelving systems where possible to make the process simpler.
  • Keep the door seals of your fridge clean – your refrigerator can heat up if these are clogged with dirt and debris. Simply wipe them down, whenever you notice that they’re getting dirty.
  • If your fridge has a water and ice dispenser, you should replace the filter every 6 months.

Whether you’re looking for a no-frills fridge freezer or something smart in which to store your snacks, find the right refrigerator for your family by exploring the range today.EXPLORE MORE BUYING GUIDESSEE ALL REFRIGERATORS