A couple admire their 4K SUHD Samsung TV

SUHD 4K: The Future of TV Has Arrived

By Jeremy Barth

4K technology is designed to give you more of what you love – bigger screens plus brighter, more colourful and truer-to-life pictures.

Since TV’s earliest days, there have been new technologies and add-ons that claimed they would revolutionise how we watched television. Some of these developments really have made watching television more rewarding – the size of screens have grown from only 10 inches in the 1950s to as big as over 80 inches today, for instance.

Digital televisions and flat screens gave us better pictures than analog technologies, and high-quality stereo audio has long superseded mono sound. Other developments however, like magnifying glasses for the tiny televisions of the 1950s, and tinted lenses to add colour to black and white pictures are best forgotten.

4K TV, on the other hand, offers larger, curved screens and sharper, more colourful pictures, plus amazing sound. 1 The SUHD TV range of 4K televisions from Samsung give you the ultimate armchair ride into brave new worlds of sport, action and connectivity frontiers.

Big and curvy screens

Not surprisingly, people living in a wide, brown land love large, wide televisions with stunning imagery. With the average Australian household television now pushing 55 inches, Samsung SUHD TVs come in a broad range of sizes to suit all homes, from 46 to a whopping 88 inches. 2


And with most SUHD models coming with curved screens, everyone can get a great view from almost anywhere they sit in your home theatre or Man Cave.

Plus, the top of the range JS9500 model has an extra special feature. Get your mates round to watch the Tom Cruise classic Minority Report and you will be able to impress them by controlling the volume, content browsing, and playback with just your hand gestures, just like in the movie itself!3

A couple relaxes on the couch in front of their Samsung TV

Brighter, more colourful pictures 

Every new development in wide screen televisions has brought with it higher screen resolutions, and with that sharper, truer-to-life pictures.

4K is no different, and Samsung’s SUHD TVs not only offer higher resolution images than previous Samsung TVs but their innovative nano-crystal technology also reveals brilliant colours and details you might never have known were there.4 They also designed to bring out darker blacks, which increases the contrast between light and shade, even as the brighter parts of the picture continue to remain bright.

Plus with image refresh rates of up to 120 frames per second, Samsung’s SUHD TVs help make the blurring of images during fast-paced action sequences or sports a thing of the past.

A stunning rainbow-coloured image is on display on a Samsung TV

A place where your own movies shine 

With Samsung’s SUHD TVs, you are not restricted to just what’s on TV or your DVDs. You will be able to watch 4K films that you make yourself on the latest smartphones from Samsung, like the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 edge+5


And Samsung’s JS9500 SUHD TV also comes with a built-in camera, which means you can make Skype calls with your television.

So if you really want to experience amazing television, you won’t go wrong with a 4K SUHD TV from Samsung.

1. Picture quality will depend on source content.

2. Actual screen size may vary by up to 2%.

3. Performance may vary depending on surrounding environment. Motion Control requires in built camera or accessory TV camera (sold separately).

4. Performance may vary depending source content.

5. Compatible mobile device required. Smart View App required for non-Samsung devices. Windows™ devices are incompatible. Wi-Fi network and internet required. Data charges may apply. Feature works with selected apps only. Streaming apps cannot be shared.